Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sandvine CEO: "Unmanaged Is Not Neutral"

During a panel discussion on net neutrality yesterday at the Toronto Congress Centre, Sandvine's chief executive officer, Dave Caputo, explained why an unmanaged Internet is not neutral. The net neutrality panel also included Mike Lee, chief strategy officer, Rogers Communications and Skype's Christopher Libertelli, senior director, government and regulator affairs of the Americas.

During the panel discussion Mr. Caputo described five truths that explain why reasonable network management is critical for today's evolved Internet: * Network congestion happens;

* Each application places different demands on the Internet;
* Subscribers' usage is not equal;
* Capacity increases alone do not solve network congestion; and
* Service providers need to protect the quality of experience for all subscribers and applications.
Sandvine CEO: "Unmanaged Is Not Neutral"

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