Friday, May 6, 2011

Review of Blogs from - October 2010

Why I’m a Tsaiko: Sports and Social Media

I don’t have a lot of time for sports these days but I do stay true to my alma mater, the University of Hawaii (UH) despite the fact I live in New York City. Forget professional sports. I may catch a Jets or Giants game now and then while I’m working on my computer. Yankees? [...]

Gathering for iAMDA’s Mobile Art Conference NYC 2010

Dozens of artists from all over the world had been collaborating and sharing their creations on Facebook, Flickr and other social media in anticipation of the event organized by David Scott Leibowitz and others. This group, that included fine artists, illustrators, and photographers, came together on the weekend ending October 24th, 2010 to explore, share and celebrate the creative capabilities of these new devices.

East-West Center Scholarships

These scholarships are available for NYU students. The deadline is Nov 1. Barak Obama’s mother and step-father from Indonesia met as degree fellows at the EWC and his sister, who got her PhD from NYU, works there now. It will also host the APEC meeting in 2011.

World Statistics Day 10/20/10

“On this first World Statistics Day I encourage the international community to work with the United Nations to enable all countries to meet their statistical needs.” – BAN KI-MOON Secretary-General of the United Nations Message on World Statistics Day, 20-10-20 Our book Computerization and Development in Southeast Asia, while not specifically about statistics, pointed to [...]

Factors Establishing the Feasibility of Global E-Commerce

The advent of global e-commerce emerged out of a unique combination of economic, political, and technological circumstances during the 1990s. The following is a partial list of influential events that led to its development. 1) The fall of the Berlin Wall and the Communist USSR bloc meant the world was no longer significantly divided by [...]

Google: Monetizing the Automatrix

Google recently announced its work on a driverless car to mixed reviews. While apparently a technical success, with only one mishap in 140,000 miles of testing, others felt that Google was losing its focus. I think this latter view underestimates the Google strategy – to monetize the road. As we move towards the “Automatrix”, the [...]

How IT Came to Rule the World, 2.11: The Information Standard and Other Sovereignties

President Nixon’s decision to close the gold window in 1971 signaled a dramatic shift in the US international financial policy and the future of the world political economy. The move largely meant the the end of the containment of international finance set up at the end of World War II. No longer was the US [...]


In a few short years between the Internet’s 25th anniversary in 1994 until the end of millennium, a remarkable transformation took shape. During these six years, the Internet transformed from a very novel but quaint system for sending ASCII email messages, transferring files, and linking home pages into a global system of electronic interchange for [...]

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