Tuesday, March 31, 2009

15 Roles Every Startup Needs Filled

The Hat List
* Visionary/Architect. Idea generation, shape features, repositioning, market fit, competitive landscape, research.
* Lead Developer(s). AKA Hackers. A good place to have a pair of jelled programmers. Uses web framework, creates functionality; knows Python/Ruby, Javascript, AJAX, Flash(?), HTML, databases.
* Sysadmin. Network, web server, NFS (for VCS/file sharing), caching, other infrastructure, data backup, backup hardware, performance tuning, scalability.
* Toolsmith. Team is provided with: productive development environments (all users can say “apt-get install …“), frameworks, editors, interpreters, multiple browsers, GIMP/Photoshop, (D)VCS, wiki, maybe BTS, quick training/consulting on tools/environment, continuous integration.
* Webmaster. SEO, analytics, domain registration, site hosting, Apache/lighttpd.
* DBA. Helps developers plan schema, set up tables, design for scalability, tuning/optimizing.
* Graphic Artist. Color coordination, logos, icons, image libraries, etc.
* CSS Designer. Usability, accessibility, layout, look-n-feel.
* Content Creator. User-facing documentation, populate/organize wiki, design tutorial, usage studies.
* Customer Support. Answers phones, forum voice, FAQs, knowledge base, help entries, problem solving.
* Tester. Bangs on site, tries devious things, automates stress.
* Marketer. Evangelism, blogging, advertising.
* Manager. Coordinates all team member activities.
* Lawyer. Business setup, guidance, law interpretation.
* Chef. Handles all other (random) tasks to keep team functioning.
15 Roles Every Startup Needs Filled

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