Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beyond server virtualization: The private cloud

With server virtualization as its basis, cloud technology has a way to go, but CIOs are finding it a powerful vision. In part one of this two-part interview, Bowker offers insight into the differences between private clouds and virtual server farms and explains application awareness and the concept of a data center operating system. Part two will delve into specific CIO issues, including working with application owners to buy into a cloud strategy to make it a success.

Are people clear yet on what an internal cloud or private cloud is?

Bowker: The whole cloud definition is still very foggy, to say the least. You have companies like Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and EMC all sharing cloud visions that are each a little bit different, but they're all driven around the same thing. [These vendors' strategies] are very centered on virtualization to make the cloud more of a reality. So once you virtualize things, such as your applications … then you have the sense that you can apply policies or service-level agreements directly to that virtualized infrastructure and that infrastructure will respond.
Beyond server virtualization: The private cloud

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